Ticks and What To Do About Them

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Summertime has so many positive aspects, and it's a time when we want to relax and have some fun. So it's hard to remember that there are some negative or harmful aspects to the season as well, one of them being ticks. Ticks may be tiny, but they can cause a lot of serious health issues in both humans and animals which could potentially lead to Lyme disease. You can prevent getting these diseases by taking some precautions before you head outside in the summer. Also, make sure you share this information with family and friends so everyone can stay safe and healthy.

The best tick prevention for humans and animals is to avoid areas where ticks can be found in high numbers. Usually, this will be in the spring, and early summer and they can mainly be found in shady areas like the forest and tall grasses. When it comes to tick prevention for humans, ensure that your own yard is a tick-free space by cutting the grass and not putting up bird feeders since birds carry ticks. Always wear layers of clothing even on warmer days when you're in a tick infested area. Wear a bucket style hat with a brim all the way around it too if you can since ticks can fall from the trees onto you.

If you are going out into a wooded area, you can try wearing some Permethrin-treated clothing under the brand of No Fly Clothing which is available at Mark's Work Warehouse in Canada. You can also buy Permethrin spray to spray on your clothing and shoes which will last 42 days for tick prevention for humans. It's also a good idea for you to tuck your pants into your socks when you go out. Icaridin is another way to prevent ticks on people, and it's the one that's supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada for children six months to 12 years of age. This is also good for adults too.

The spray version of this is the most effective and can be purchased at Canadian Tire in Canada. When you're out and about in the forest or in nature during tick season in an area known to get ticks, wear clothing that covers you entirely and make sure you check yourself for ticks and use some duct tape to pull them off of your clothes. Then check yourselves before you get into your car and then again when you get home by having a shower. Put the clothing you were wearing outside in the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes to kill any ticks on your clothes.

If you have a tick on your body, it's also important to learn how to remove a tick from your skin so that its head doesn't break off into your body. Contrary to popular tick removal techniques, you shouldn't burn a tick because it may explode or the head could break off. The best way how to remove a tick from your skin is to use tweezers. Get the tip of the tweezers really close to the head of the tick and hold it steadily between the tweezers and pull directly upward without twisting.

Pull slowly but forcefully, and the tick should come right off with its head intact. Clean the area where the tick was stuch in your skin with rubbing alcohol and keep the area clean afterwards too. If you have a pet who has a tick, follow the same instructions to remove the tick from their skin too and always check your pets when they have been outside. By following just a few simple steps you will be protecting yourself and your family from disease carrying ticks.

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