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Welcome to Grandmother's Kitchen. We are a Mother-Daughter team, Nancy and Heidi, and we are the creators and cooks and photographers of Grandmother's Kitchen foods and website. We are SO delighted that you have found our website and have joined our recipe sharing community. Grandmother's Kitchen was created from our shared lifetimes of inspiration in the kitchen, living rooms and gardens of our grandmothers', grandfathers', mothers', fathers', aunties', uncles', siblings, cousins and friends. When we get together with just about anyone, we like to share a cup of tea and then the focus of conversation always seems to land back to what's everyone cooking, what new kitchen trick did you just discover, what kind of soup are you making this Sunday, what health gem did you just learn, what are you creating or crafting these days, how's your garden, how did you get it to grow so well?! We believe in choosing food and ingredients for recipes that you feel really good about eating. For us, that means growing what we can in small backyard or balcony gardens, shopping from local farmers who use organic practices, and sharing our creations with friends and family. Growing up with home gardeners, whole food role models and nearly every member of the family a practicing natural health enthusiast, it is no wonder that Heidi also became a nutritionist (Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada) and ensures that the nutrition information we provide is accurate and informative.

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