Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs may be tricky to get under control, but it is still possible to get rid of them. The main reason these little pests are so hard to irradicate is that they keep developing a resistance to pesticides and insecticides. They develop a thicker shell that resists these chemicals making it harder to kill them. Plus, did you know that bed bugs and eggs can live for up to 9 months without any food in colder places? They also breed at an alarming rate laying 4 eggs or more per day which means that where there's one, there's always more and they are difficult to track down because they hide so well.

It's important to know this about bed bugs and eggs before you start to address any bed bug infestation so that you're prepared and so that the bed bug removal process goes smoothly. One of the best actions you can take is to get rid of any eggs before they hatch. The great thing is, heat kills bed bugs and eggs so if you find bed bugs and eggs on items that can be washed like sheets and clothing, just put them in the washing machine and wash them on the hot setting and dry on the hottest setting on your dryer. To be doubly sure that they are dead, put the items in a plastic bag and seal it up right away to check them closely and to suffocate any that may still be living.

If you think you have a bed bug infestation check every piece of furniture, your decorations, kids toys, and everything else in your home for bed bugs and eggs. Look for little reddish brown bugs that are flat and about the size of an apple seed. Also check baseboards, carpets, photo frames, books and any other areas that are out of sight. You can use your vacuum cleaner to suck up any bed bugs and eggs but just make sure you empty the canister outside or throw out the replaceable bag outside right away. For any items that are infested that you don't want to throw away wrap it in plastic and with a tight seal and leave it outside for 9 months or more until the bed bugs, and eggs are dead and gone. To clean your mattress, you can use a steam cleaner since the high heat of the steam will kill any bed bugs and eggs.

You can also use a steam cleaner on your carpets as well. You'll have to do multiple steams, usually once a day for at least a week, checking for bed bugs often. To prevent your mattress from getting a bed bug infestation always use a mattress cover. This is the place where bed bugs and eggs will usually be found, so taking preventative measures is smart.

You can also make a spray that will help with bed bug removal which includes pure alcohol. Put some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and when you find bed bugs and eggs spray them thoroughly with the alcohol until they are saturated. Then remove the dead bed bugs and eggs by picking them up with a paper towel and putting them in a sealed bag. Take them outside immediately and put them in the trash. Then vacuum these areas and steam them. To wash wood or laminate furniture during the bed bug removal process use hot soapy water to wipe down the entire piece of furniture getting into all of the crevices. If you see any leftover bed bugs and eggs spray them with alcohol unless it's lacquered. You can also trap bed bugs by making a homemade trap using dry ice. Since bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide, the dry ice is perfect since it lets off carbon dioxide as it melts. Put some dry ice in a bowl and surround the bowl with double-sided tape so that when the bed bugs go to the bowl, they will get stuck on the tape. When you have bugs stuck on the tape, squash them right away and then throw the tape away in a plastic bag and replace the tape and dry ice. This also works with yeast and sugar mixed with water for a simple DIY trap. Always remember that if you have a bed bug infestation that is out of control and it's too much for you to handle on your own, call the professionals to come to deal with it for you.

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