Easy Homemade Tub Scrub Cleaner

About this Recipe

Cleaning the bathroom can be a tough job sometimes, especially the shower and bathtub. It's in your shower or bathtub that you're going to find all of the grime and calcium that builds up each time you take a shower or a bath. If you're used to using chemical products but want to switch over to using natural products, then there are some great natural cleaners you can try out the next time you clean your bathtub or shower. Since it's au naturel, this natural cleaner can be used on any surface whether it's porcelain, plastic, or tile.

But just to be on the safe side, it's always a good idea to do a test on a small area in your tub or shower, leave it for at least a few hours and see exactly how it will affect your shower or tub materials. Certain tiles like slate that are made from natural stone can have a bad reaction to acids like vinegar, so it's best to be safe and do a test spot than be sorry. This natural cleaner makes use of distilled white vinegar which is an awesome natural cleaner that can be used for so many cleaning jobs. From bathrooms to kitchens, even mirrors and windows, every area in your home can be cleaned with vinegar.

The great thing about white distilled vinegar is that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties so it will kill all of the bad guys that make your shower stink and that can lead to black mould. It's like nature's bleach in a way, except without the harsh chemical. It does have a strong odour, however, so whenever you're using vinegar, especially if you're not mixing it with anything, make sure you run a fan or open a window to ventilate.

The second ingredient you'll use for this cleaning tip is dish soap. You can use any type of dish soap you have on hand, but to make this tub scrub all natural, make sure that you use an all natural dish soap. All you do is take a half a cup of dish soap and a half a cup of vinegar and mix it up really well. You can mix it in a bowl or a measuring cup, whatever works best for you. Then, you can simply take a scrubbing sponge and dip it into the natural cleaner and spread it all over the walls of your shower, and the inside of your tub or another simple cleaning tip is to use one of those dish scrubbing wands that has a hollow handle where you can add the cleaner. Then the cleaner will come right out of the scrubbing brush on the end for easy application.

Once you've covered the entire shower and bathtub area, as well as any shower doors if you have them, you can then allow the cleaner to sit for about 20 minutes or longer. This will attack any grime and mould growth, plus, it'll break down any scaling too. So all of those white watermarks in your shower and bathtub will be addressed as well. The acids in the vinegar will break down the calcium and magnesium which are the minerals that are left behind when water evaporates in your shower or tub.

By letting the mixture sit for a period of time before you scrub, you'll give the vinegar a chance to work its magic. Then, all you have to do is scrub the entire area with your scrubbing wand or a scrubbing sponge, paying attention to the really bad areas, and then rinse it all away with some warm water. Your shower and tub will be sparkling clean, and your scrubbing work will be cut down significantly.

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