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You Will Love The Superb Interior Of This Charming Park Home

The Kensington Single is ideal for smaller footprints combining the same Georgian grandeur including all the styling and elegant features as its larger counterpart, with more intimate interior spaces. The park model home is available up to 14 feet wide, it can be specified as a one-bedroom with study or a two-bedroom home option. The park home has smooth-painted ceilings with a tongue-and-groove effect to the vaulted kitchen/dining. The home has wallpapered and painted walls throughout its design with chrome effect handles, architraves, hand-painted skirting, sills, and coving. The exterior of the Kensington Single home has a hipped roof, two 1/2 pillars frame the entrance door, cladding around the entrance, and built-out windows to lounge, diner, and bedroom with cladding detail.

You'll find architrave interior molding featured in homes, apartments, offices, and other buildings around the world. It is a form of trim that is used to accent or highlight a window, door, or opening. The molding is sometimes referred to as a pediment or header. Architrave is typically installed around doors and windows. Though, in rare instances, you may find it encasing an entryway. The molding is often confused with door casings, door frames, window casings, and window frames. It’s similar but is a unique interior design element on its own.

Architrave molding has a history that goes back over 1,400 years. The interior molding became prominent again during the Tudor period when architects started using it to add opulent finishings to architectural designs. Architrave has quite an illustrious history, which evolved over hundreds of years and is now used most often in traditional-style homes. Now you’ll find molding adorning doors and windows around the world. Even though many things have changed, the purpose of architrave molding is still the same as it was so many years ago.

Modern home designers use architrave molding to add elegance and flair to their interior designs. The molding is set high above windows and doors, which helps to create a sense of grandeur. The moldings add luxury to your home design and elevate the look of your rooms. Architrave molding isn’t just for show, there are also practical applications for its use. The moldings reduce miter lines, conceal the door or window’s joint, and cover the open space between the wall and the casing.

The Kensington Single from Tingdene has plenty of features including an exterior with a hipped roof, two 1/2 pillars framing the entrance door, cladding around the entrance, built-out windows to lounge, diner, and bedroom with cladding detail, arched Georgian Bar windows to lounge and bedroom, side gables to lounge, bedroom and over the hall door, smooth finish Mapei render to walls, and a glazed top panel front door with letterbox. The park model home has French Georgian bar doors to lounge, a lounge, feature canvas mounted wallpaper to the fireplace wall, feature stove-style electric fire with white surround, two seater sofa with swivel armchair, rustic pine effect click lock flooring, kitchen/diner, vaulted ceiling, dining table with 2 chairs, black glass sink with stainless steel tap, stainless steel gas hob, single electric oven, pull out extractor hood, and rustic pine effect click lock flooring.

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