The Easiest Way To Clean Your Range Hood Filter

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Cleaning got a whole lot more fun when we were tried our first bottle Young Living Thieves Cleaner. It is now the all round household cleaner in Grandmother's Kitchen.Thieves household cleaner can be used safely and effectively on pretty much everything.

Grandmother's Tips for The Easiest Way to Clean Your Range Hood Filter:

1. Keep a spray bottle of diluted thieves cleaner in both the kitchen and bathroom. The easiest way to use this product is with a thieves spray bottle, but any glass spray bottle works fine. The reason for a spray bottle is because the thieves cleaner is highly concentrated and you need to dilute it to use it, which means you only use very small amounts so a bottle goes a long ways. It is recommended to use one capful to two cups of water for medium de-greasing. One capful is one half a tablespoon.

2. Make the switch to using just one product! Name brand household cleaners that have been advertised for years are bought by consumers daily and that is because advertising works. Stocking up on many types of name brand cleaners is not uncommon. Advertisers recommend this cleaner for this job and another cleaner for another job. I am not saying they do not work well, because they are chemically designed to do a specific job and generally they do work, but that being said, most household cleaners are toxic, perfumed....and expensive! Save money by just having this household cleaner in your home.

3. This Young Living household cleaner works well. No matter what you clean with thieves household cleaner, the product itself is non-toxic. For cleaning the hood filter range I did wear gloves, but it was, in fact it was to not have to touch the grease and gunk that was on the dirty filter.!



You will need Thieves Cleaner - diluted

Spray bottle


Vinyl gloves

1. Remove the grimy filter from the hood. Place it into the sink.

2. Spray the screen liberally on both sides.

3. Set the timer for 15 minutes.

4. Use a scrub brush to wash the filter all round. The grimy grease comes off easily. If there are any problem spots just spray a little more thieve cleaner on.

5. Rinse with warm or hot water.

6. Let it drip dry, then paper towel dry and return to the stove hood.

Happy cleaning!

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Here in Grandmother's Kitchen, before Thieves Cleaner, we used vinegar and baking soda as our household cleaners. They did a pretty good job, but it didn't take too much convincing that we prefer the Thieves cleaner.

I think if you could go and just buy it in the supermarket, you would see lots of shopping carts with thieves cleaner in them. The thing is, Young Living products can only be purchased if you have an account with Young Living and you buy them online and have them shipped directly to you.

The key ingredients in Thieves Cleaner are the specialty blend of essential oils which is a combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary essential oils. Not only does it clean well, it smells delicious and you can use it without any concerns as it is all natural and non-toxic.

We decided, since we use the products and love the essential oils - Grandmother's Kitchen did become a member so we could easily purchase products as needed. If you are already using thieves cleaner, this gives you one more thing you can clean with the product. If you would love discounted rates to essential oils, it's quick to Sign Up to Buy Essential Oils at a Wholesale Price and if you want to be part of the Grandmother's Kitchen team - then put us in the sponsor and enroller ID - 14742842 and we will be happy to help you with all your questions about the products or the companies.

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