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Take a Tour Inside This Lovely Cumberland Log Cabin. Prices Start at $16,500

Take a look inside the 14-foot by 32-foot Cumberland deluxe wood cabin walkthrough. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 loft, and kitchen. Options in the cabin are a wall-mounted heat/air conditioning unit, 2 coats of clear coat poly interior, and floors stained. This is just one of the cabins you might choose for use as a vacation home, guest house, or full-time living. Log homes have been around for a long time. You'll even find log homes that are still standing that date back hundreds of years. Living in a log home invokes a sense of peace, calmness, and solitude that helps you escape, if only for a few moments. The following are just some of the benefits of log home living.

Renewable Resource. Trees are renewable, so log homes start green. Other building materials which require processing can be harmful to the environment. On top of that, log homes are significantly easier to build and require fewer building materials than conventionally built homes. Think about it, when you build a log home, the logs act as your exterior walls, interior walls, and insulation all in one.

Energy Efficient. Energy efficiency is important to consider when building any home. One of the best features of a log home is that when you heat the logs they radiate warmth back into the room which increases energy efficiency. This is known as thermal mass, so the logs keep the log home warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. There are also acoustical benefits of a log wall, which are the reduced transmission that is provided by its solid mass and the sound deflection provided by the profile of the log.

Aesthetically Pleasing. No matter where a log home is located, whether it be beside the lake, in the forest, or on a mountaintop, they look amazing wherever they sit. They have a knack for standing out while still blending in, especially when surrounded by nature. Log homes remain timeless, their style doesn’t change with mainstream trends.

Low Maintenance. Log homes require less maintenance than a conventionally built homes. If you plan and design your log home properly, you can save yourself a lot of work. Large overhangs, porches, proper landscaping, and tall foundations will prevent log house maintenance nightmares. A log home is not a conventional home and will require non-conventional maintenance, but as long as you are aware of this upfront, you can design and plan for this ahead of time.

Economical, Long-Term Investment. Everyone looks for something a little different in a log home, but the reason to build a log home is often the same. A properly built log home stands the test of time. Solid wood walls can last far longer than conventional homes and can withstand more of what Mother Nature brings than conventional building methods.

Superior Craftsmanship. In log and timber homes, examples of fine craftsmanship are at every turn, in the handcrafted staircase with its branch-like spindles and balustrade, in the hand-scribed large timbers you find overhead in the cathedral ceiling, in the one-of-a-kind light fixtures.

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