Sweet Refrigerator Pickles

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This pickle recipe originated from what used to be called 'Ice Cream Bucket' Sweet Pickles. It was pretty popular to buy these large 1 litre plastic pails filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream. When the ice cream was gone, you'd end with all these buckets with lids that you could use for other things.

You don't need to have an ice cream bucket to make these pickles, any large container will do.

Here is a little tip. In Audrey's kitchen, often there are not fresh big white onions as she isn't much of an onion eater, so she keeps dehydrated onions in her cupboard to use in the recipes that she wants to include them into. This recipe is using the dehydrated onions, but of course if you love onions you can use the version of the recipe with the fresh onions.

This pickle recipe is a great one for using up those cucumbers that 'got away from you' in the garden if you are growing them yourself. This recipe is good for the little bit 'fatter' cucumbers that may not be the first ones you eat in a salad. Any cucumber size will work. The carrots are colorful and make the pickles extra appealing.

We suggest using a mandoline for slicing the vegetables but if you don't have one, just be sure to cut things as evenly as you can and on the thin side.



Heat but don't boil:

3 cups granulated sugar

2 cups vinegar

2 Tablespoons pickling salt

1 Tablespoon tumeric

1 Tablespoon celery seed

1 Tablespoon mustard seed

In a 4 litre ice cream bucket or container add:

Approx. 2 thinly sliced large onions (or you can substitute 1/4 cup dehydrated onions)

Approx. 3 carrots, peeled and sliced thin

Approx. 6-8 small sliced cucumbers

When making pickles, the amounts are not exact, but, do need to make sure you have enough of the brine that is totally covers the veggies.

Pour hot brine over the prepared veggies in your large container or you can do directly into jars. Press down the veggies and make sure the brine is covering them. Put the lid on and refrigerate once cooled to room temperature.

You can use whatever size container you like, either one large one or put the veggies directly into the jars, but either method, you must stir each day, (or turn the jars back and forth, upside down and back upright).

Let sit in the refrigerator for 4 days before eating to let the flavor of the brine immerse into the veggies.

These pickles do not seal. They must be kept refrigerated until eaten.

Refrigerator life of pickles is about one year.


Making and eating pickles is popular.

A few popular pickle types are garlic dill pickles, sweet pickles, bread and butter pickles, spicy pickles, kosher dill pickles and gherkin pickles.

There are endless varieties to recipes and methods of making pickles. Our grandmother's preserved foods so there would not be waste and to ensure that in the non-growing times of the year, there would have preserves in the pantry to feed the family.

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