Removing Labels With Coconut Oil

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It can be so infuriating to have a nice glass jar that is covered in sticker gook and no way to get it off. This super duper easy tip for cleaning stickers off of glass jars is well worth the read. Once clean, glass jars are great for gifts, for storing bulk nuts and seeds or craft supplies, for drinking tea, or for using as a tealight candle jar.

Grandmother's Tips for Removing Labels With Coconut Oil:

1. Use a lower price oil, not your top of the line organic coconut oil for the task. We just happen to have a bottle of coconut oil that we use for tasks such as this and rubbing into our wood furniture.

2. Once you dab the oil on let it sit a bit to penetrate. Some glues are so stubborn it may take 2 or 3 tries to get it off.



coconut oil

cotton balls


1. Soak the jar in warm soapy water and wash off any of the label you can. In the case of this label, it was stubborn and stuck on so well that water did not remove it at all.

2. Use a cotton ball and dab on a good amount of olive oil.

3. Let it sit for a few minutes to penetrate and scrape off as much as you can.

4. Repeat the process until you have cleaned the label and the sticky glue off.

5. Be patient, it will not take very long, but you will have to apply more oil as you go on the very stubborn glues.

6. Wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry.

7. Now you have a jar that you can up-cycle into a gift jar.

8. There are many really great shapes of jars and if you want to create a really cute art room or workshop, save the jars you like the shapes of, clean off the label and get creative.

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Saving jars and containers is a great way to recycle and reuse items instead of them going into the landfill. There are so many different ways you can reuse these containers including repurposing them to be food storage containers, piggy banks, storage for makeup and jewelry and even just as little catch-all containers.

The only thing standing in your way of having a nice, clean jar are those stickers that are almost impossible to remove. It's like they attach these stickers with superglue and when you try and remove them, they either rip off into a million pieces leaving pieces of the sticker behind. Or you are able to remove the sticker, but then you're left with a nasty sticky residue that's also tricky to remove.

Good thing there are some great cleaning tips using natural cleaners that will help you get your jars and containers clean. You can also try these cleaning tips for other situations like removing a price tag off of an item you've purchased or a gift for someone. There are natural cleaners you can buy, but why buy something when you can just use a cleaner you already have at home?

All you need to remove the stickers off of items successfully is some good old coconut oil. Is there anything this stuff can't do? Soaking the item with some warm water and soap helps to loosen the stickiness of the glue in the sticker. Then the coconut oil helps to release the bond of the glue to the item by acting as a lubricant to peel it away easily.

You can also try using a hair dryer if you don't want to get the item wet or soak it in water. Just hold your hair dryer over the sticker for about a minute or less and then use to coconut oil. If you don't have coconut oil, you can try using olive oil or sunflower oil. Some oils work better than others. Some tips will recommend after the oil washing with baking soda if you still haven't gotten all the glue off.

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