How To Clean with USED Fabric Softener Sheets

About this Recipe

These tips we are sharing are using the USED Fabric Softener Sheets. Not using fresh ones. This is just a few ideas that give you a bit more value from the sheets after you have dried your clothing with them.

Using fabric softener sheets is a great way to add that extra bit of softness to your clothes as they're drying in the dryer. Did you know that the first fabric softener sheets were made by a wife and husband back in the 1950s? The couple got tired of going down to the laundry units in their apartment building to add the fabric softener to their laundry, back when you had to add it manually. So the husband who had experience in the soap and detergent industry decided to cut up pieces of scrap cotton fabric and then lightly soak them in fabric softener and allow them to dry.

They would then just put the sheets soaked in the fabric softener in the dryer along with the clothes, and they would still get their fabric softener without having to make an extra trip to the laundry machines. Now, we have a few different options when it comes to dryer sheets including different brands, scents and even unscented for more sensitive skin. They're great, but what about all of the waste they produce. Isn't there anything that can be done with them after they come out of the dryer? It turns out you can hang onto your used dryer sheets since they can be used in these cleaning tips. You can get a box to store them in or even a nice bag that's close to your laundry machine and then you'll have them handy to try in these cleaning tips.

Since these dryer sheets are great for reducing static, they work great as dusting cloths. You can use one on your TV to get rid of all the dust that accumulates, or even on other surfaces that are likely to collect dust. Another cleaning tip is to wipe your baseboards with a dryer sheet, and the leftover fabric softener will create a layer that stops the dust from collecting on them so quickly. One of the other great cleaning tips is to use the old dryer sheets on your mirrors. Since mirrors are known to collect a lot of dust, lightly wiping them with a dryer cloth will collect all of that dust.

You can also use them in place of paper towels when cleaning mirrors as well. Just use a bit of water to spray the mirror and wipe the mirror's surface with a dryer sheet until it's completely dry. It's also great to use these sheets to clean dirty dishes and pans. If there's even stuck on food in your pots or pans, just place a dryer sheet in the bottom and then fill the pan with water. Allow it to sit overnight to work. It's magic loosening up the food, and then in the morning, it will be much easier to scrub clean. You can also use the dryer sheets as a cloth to clean the pans as well.

To keep your garbage can smelling good, you can put one of these recycled dryer sheets at the bottom of the trash can before you put a bag in. That way the air in the trash can will stay fresh and the sheet will absorb some of the lingering odors. These dryer sheets will also work on your car too. The next time you're washing your car, and there are too many bugs stuck on the front of it or on the lights, just use a dryer sheet and a bit of water to scrub those nasty bug guts off.

These tips are for those of you that are already using dryer sheets anyways. There are some dryer sheets that are free of dyes and perfumes that have less synthetics in them.

Aside from the tips of using the used dryer sheets, we just wanted to add that if you're not into using dryer sheets because of the chemicals used in them but still are looking for some method of fabric softening in the dryer, you can also use dryer balls which are usually either made out of wool or silicone.

These balls work to keep clothing moving easily in the dryer to help them dry faster which also saves you some money on electricity. You can also find all natural fabric softeners at health food stores or online and use that in your wash cycle. Or you can use some of the natural fabric softeners to make your own homemade dryer sheets by lightly soaking a piece of fabric in the liquid and allowing it to dry completely.

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