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For most of us that have a stove, there is nothing more annoying about stove cleaning than those streaks that form between the glass of our stoves. You can easily keep the outside so nice and clean, but it is somehow not very satisfying to look over and see the glass door insides with streaks running down them. Because we take a lot of food photos, and we had the same streaks showing up time and time again we knew it was time to face the dreaded beast and clean between the glass doors. There are many posts on the internet about cleaning the glass between the oven doors of your stove. We have tried a few of the methods and some work pretty well but these are by far our favorite tools for the job.

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Grandmother's Kitchen Tips for Cleaning the Glass Door Between Your Oven Door

* We have been using the Thieves household cleaner (more on this product below) for pretty much everything else since and absolutely love it for this cleaning chore.

* The next part of this was to choose what cloth we'd use. We went on a shopping excursion down the cleaning isle of the grocery store, reading the pro's and con's of various cleaning cloths. If you are going to do this job, you don't want to end up with little bits of lint left behind and you don't want to battle with streaking so we chose to try the Vileda actionfibre, multi surface, next generation microfibre cloth. It stated on the packaging it was a 'best streak-free cleaning' actively absorbent cloth.

* When you take on a job like cleaning the glass between the oven doors, you want to arm yourself with all the tools that you hope will work as this is not a job you do daily. The cleaning went better than expected, took very little time to do and we can say that we would recommend this method and these tools to do the job!



- Thieves household cleaner (or your favorite cleaner)

- multi surface microfibre cleaning cloth (vileda actibibre is the brand we used)

- a clothes hanger or piece of wire you can shape

- a strong elastic

- pliers to bend the coat hanger

- scissors

- a bowl with your cleaner at full strength

- spray bottle with diluted thieves cleaner

- flat razor scraper


1. Shape the metal hanger in such a manner that you will be able to attach the cleaning cloth. We suggest leaving a smaller hook shape on one end.

2. Cut the vileda cleaning cloth smaller. You need about 1/4 of the size of the cleaning cloth.

3. Pour a very small amount of thieves cleaner, full strength, into a dish. Put just enough to soak your vileda cloth so it absorbs all the cleaner.

4. Normally you dilute thieves household cleaner as it is highly concentrated and a very effective cleaner but because we are cleaning between the glass and it is not a job done very often, we went with full strength.

5. Attach the wet vileda cloth to the hanger to form the cleaning wand. We used a strong elastic to hold the cloth firmly into place. Set aside and first clean the outsides of the doors.

6. Open the drawer below the oven door, empty it out and if it needs it give it a cleaning out. A vacuum cleaner works well if it has particles that need removing.

7. Using the diluted thieves household cleaner in the spray bottle spray and clean the drawer. Just spray, wipe and clean the outsides of the oven door. We chose the vileada actifibre multi surface cloth as it advertises as being actively absorbent and offers the best streak-free clean surface. Streak-free is what we are aiming for with this job.

8. Next, spray and clean the inside of the oven door. Remove the racks and do the oven bottom of the inside of the oven while you are at it.

9. You will be impressed how good the thieves household cleaner works. Often it will clean with just one spray application but for really tough areas, you may need to spray and wipe a couple of times.

10. Once you spray it on, in most cases no waiting in necessary, but for stubborn spots give the cleaner a few minutes to break it down, then wipe off.

11. On the outside surfaces of the oven door, if there are some spots you cannot clean off, we suggest carefully using a glass scraper with razor blade. 12. Carefully scratch off any stubborn to clean areas, being careful to keep the tool level so you don't scratch the glass surfaces.

13. This is a tool that we also use on our smooth surface stove top for those super stuck areas.

14. Now that we can see that the outside of the glass door is clean, we move onto cleaning between the glass.

15. NEVER remove and open up the glass oven door. You hear that over and over. We asked the staff at our appliance store and they agreed.

16. You can feel with your fingers that there are slotted openings at the bottom of the oven door.

17. Work the cleaning wand up and into the holes between the glass doors and just move it around, cleaning the inside glass of all the streaks.

18. We found that the streaks came off very very easily. Just be patient and work around the door. In order to reach all the areas it means pulling the cleaning wand out the bottom and moving to another slot so you can reach all the parts.

19. A second method as well as having the oven door in the upright position, you can also enter the slots with the oven door open.

20. Although it seems a bit of a daunting cleaning job, we found it went very quickly and did a wonderful job.


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You probably have been there also when cleaning your oven's glass door and finding that there are still spots and greasy marks on it. The stains inside the window of the oven glass seem IMPOSSIBLE to clean! With just a little bit of innovation however and the help from google and other inventive home care pros, you will have clean oven glass in no time.

Without much song and dance, to clean your oven door between the glass, you will just need your favorite cleaner, a wire hanger, a rubber band and a great micro fiber cloth. This way you'll gain access to the opening between the glass and the inside of the oven. We used to use vinegar for all our natural cleaning until we were introduced by a dear friend to the Thieves Cleaner which is made of natural plant based ingredients and powerful essential oils. It is safe for kids and pets to be around also.

The key ingredients in Thieves Cleaner are the specialty blend of essential oils which is a combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary essential oils. Not only does it clean well, it smells delicious and you can use it without any concerns as it is all natural and non-toxic.

We decided, since we use the products and love the essential oils - Grandmother's Kitchen did become a member so we could easily purchase products as needed. If you are already using thieves cleaner, this gives you one more thing you can clean with the product. If you would love discounted rates to essential oils, it's quick to Sign Up to Buy Essential Oils at a Wholesale Price and if you want to be part of the Grandmother's Kitchen team - then put us in the sponsor and enroller ID - 14742842 and we will be happy to help you with all your questions about the products or the companies.

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