How To Clean a Gross Dirty Ceiling Fan

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Every surface in a home collects dust, including our ceiling fans. But it's high up spots like our ceiling fans that we forget about and usually put off for a while. Not only are ceiling fan blades tough to clean because of how high they are, when you wipe a thick layer of dust off of any surface it has a tendency to fly everywhere. Not so good for people with allergies and also not good because it creates even more of a mess for you to have to clean up. If you've put off cleaning your ceiling fan blades and the dust has gotten thick, no worries, we have some great cleaning tips for you.

These cleaning tips will also minimize the spread of dust and will help you to contain it as much as possible, so you're not doing more work than you have to when cleaning your house. What you'll need for this cleaning tip is a pillow case, preferably an old one that you can just use as a rag specifically for cleaning your ceiling fan blades. When you have your pillowcase all ready to go, get up to the level of the ceiling fan so that you can easily reach the blades. Then, you're going to take the pillowcase and hold the opening at the very end of one ceiling fan blade and slide the pillowcase over the blade so that it's completely inside the pillowcase.



All you need is a Pillowcase and a ladder or good sturdy step stool.

Then, close the end of the pillowcase and slowly slide the closed pillowcase over the blade pressing it gently on the blade to collect the dust into the pillowcase. You guessed it, all of that nasty dust will be collected inside the pillowcase trapping all of those allergens and dust particles, so they don't spread further around your home. Do this to each fan blade on your ceiling fan and then once you're all finished, take the pillowcase outside and shake as much of the dust as you can out of the case.

When you go back inside, toss it in the washing machine and wash it to use next time you clean your ceiling fan blades. Isn't that the easiest way to clean all of the dust off your ceiling fan? If you have a ceiling fan that you can't reach because it's installed really high up, then you'll want to invest in an extendable duster that can reach way up high to make the job easier for you. If you can reach the ceiling fan with your vacuum, you can also use a brush attachment on your vacuum and suck up the dust into your vacuum instead.

These are a couple of safe, easy and non-toxic way to clean your fan blades, so your fan stays nice and clean. You can then wipe each blade with a cloth to get the remaining dust off and to clean any other dirt off of it too. The best way to dust your home is to start from the top and work your way down. So start with the highest surfaces and then work your way down from there, working your way around the room. Dusting the higher surfaces in the roof first is a cleaning tip that will allow the dust to fall and settle before you're ready to vacuum.

That way the dust can be easily vacuumed up when you're all finished dusting. It's best to stay on top of your dusting, especially if you or someone in your family suffers from dust allergies. Once a week is great if you have the time, but every two weeks is usually sufficient for most households. When you stay on top of the dusting in your home, it will always feel fresh and clean, and you'll feel healthier without a lot of dust floating around in the air too.

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