Grilled Romaine

About this Recipe

Grilled romaine. Sounds weird right? I thought so too until I ordered it at a local restaurant and then was inspired to make it. So easy and so so delicious! Before cooking anything on your barbecue it is a good idea to clean up and burn off the food from whatever was cooked before. A useful way to clean up your barbecue is with a wooden scraper. If if you are using a barbecue brush with bristles be VERY sure that all of the bristles are gone from the grill before you start cooking to avoid a crises.

This grilled romaine is delicious served with grated Parmesan, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar or your choice of salad dressing. Also delicious with a nice chunk of sourdough bread for dipping and sopping up all the yummy dressing. With barbecue season around, it really is fun to try out different cooking styles and this is one worth trying (and then trying again).



1 large (or two small heads of romaine lettuce)

Olive oil

Optional (but recommended): Parmesan cheese, salad dressing or balsamic vinegar to drizzle


1. If you have small romaine, then it is fine to leave it whole. If the romaine is quite large then cut it into two halves VERTICALLY (the long ways). Be sure to leave on the base which will hold all the leaves together.

2. Liberally brush olive oil on the outside of the romaine.

3. Turn the grill up to medium high.

4. Grill on each side for 3 minutes until the grill marks appear.

5. Serve immediately with your sprinkle of Parmesan, balsamic or other dressing. A squeeze of lemon is delicious too!

With this grilled lettuce recipe, when it comes to flavors and pairing, think Caesar salad. This is delicious served with bread, with roasted garlic, with a nice steak or grilled chicken. If you like this style of eating your greens, you can get creative with other greens too like Swiss Chard, radicchio and bok choy!

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