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There are simply some breakfast recipes, like this easy French Toast recipe that are a childhood classic. Who on earth would have considered soaking bread in eggs and then frying them up and topping them with maple syrup? Whoever this genius was, we tip our hats to you. Of course, you can use whatever bread you have on hand, but if you want a truly perfect french toast breakfast feast, then the bread type matters. Egg bread or a thick white bread will bring you back to when your Mother or Grandmother was preparing this delicious breakfast meal. However, in a pinch I have made this easy french toast recipe with just about every kind of bread I have had on hand. In order to make the best french toast recipe, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Grandmother's TIPS for French Toast Recipe:

1. We like to be sure to soak up a good amount of the egg milk mixture into our piece of bread but don't make the bread too soggy with egg mixture, as it will not cook nicely in the middle. Also this will help you to create a crispy edge french toast recipe. Covering with a lid while cooking helps to cook the middle.

2. Choose a wide sliced white bread, rather than a bread with thin slices. You can use any type of bread you like, even dark breads, but you will have a more 'rustic' looking french toast recipe once it is cooked if you use a fat slice of white bread. We have used the bread from our Easy Bread Recipe.

3. Since the eggs and egg flavor is a large part of the french toast recipe, use free range eggs from happy hens. They not only taste better, but are higher in nutrients.

4. Avoid a messy counter, by keeping your egg and milk mixture for your french toast recipe close to your cooking pan to avoid drips while you are transferring the egg soaked bread to the pan.

5. Let the excess egg mixture drip off as much as possible into the bowl before you cook. This will help you to have a perfect french toast presentation without a lot of extra egg at the bottom.

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2 slices bread

1 egg

1/8 cup milk

1 Tablespoon butter

maple syrup or honey

Optional: cinnamon


Some recipes call for vanilla and cinnamon, but this basic recipe is one that kids love and the ingredients are generally on hand.

1. Use 1 egg for each 2 slices of bread and 1/8 to 1/4 cup of milk.

2. Break the egg into a shallow dish, add the milk and whisk together with a fork.

3. Dip the bread into the egg and milk mixture, turn it over and use a fork to gently press down, making the liquid mixture absorb into the slice of bread.

4. Repeat with the second piece. Try to absorb all the mixture into the two slices.

5. Use a larger size frying pan. Melt the butter on medium low, place the slices into the pan. Cook on medium heat, flipping when the one side is lightly golden brown.

6. Put a lid on. This will help to cook the inside of the french toast.

7. Keep an eye when cooking and when the 2nd side is nicely browned, flip once more and leave the lid off.

8. The aim is to get french toast that is the perfect toasted light brown color on both sides.

9. Serve with maple syrup or honey.

10. You can put a little dollop of butter and a light sprinkle of cinnamon if you like.


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If you want to go a little wild with your french toast recipes, try skipping the maple syrup (I know, whaat?), and try something savory like some feta, fried mushrooms and spinach.

Just about anything that you do with crepes you can do with french toast. At delicious way to serve this easy french toast recipe is with some fried ham and cheese. You could even make a french toast sandwich with two pieces and the ham and cheese inside. Ok, now I am getting hungry.

Speaking of creative french toast recipes, I have even read of people using orange juice instead of dairy in the french toast. I have yet to try this one, but now that I have heard of it, most certainly will be.

The great thing about this french toast recipe is that each slice is high in protein, about 14 grams per slice, so it will be a breakfast that leaves you satisfied. Breakfast meals are ideal when they are balanced and rich in protein and good fats. A high protein breakfast will keep you from getting hungry quickly. You can make this an even more balanced breakfast meal by chopping up some walnuts or pecans and sprinkling them on as a topping idea.

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