Effective Ways To Get Rid of Mice Naturally

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Being an animal lover with a mouse problem is a hard position to be in. Especially when so many of the mice control solutions involve getting rid of mice by completely by killing them with traps, poisons, shocks and more. So it's a relief to find out that you don't have to kill these cute little creatures at all and that you can learn mice control methods that are humane and natural to get those mice out of your home and keep them out of your home, hopefully for good. These little guys are just seeking shelter from the cold, and our homes are the perfect warm and cozy hotel for them to set up in for the winter. Unfortunately, they don't pay for their stay, and they leave behind some pretty gross messes that you have to deal with too.

So if you have a mouse problem you're going to need to learn some humane mouse removal techniques to, first of all, prevent the mice from coming into your home in the first place, and then safe and natural ways to get them out. The best way to prevent mice from coming into your home is to make sure you have your home properly sealed up. So inspect your home for cracks where the mice can get through and seal up any of them, large or small because mice can fit in the smallest openings. You'll also want to inspect your doors to make sure there are no cracks at the bottom where the mice can enter and fill up any gaps that are present.

When it comes to mice prevention, you also have to clean up your kitchen and make sure all food is properly sealed and stored. Make sure that no one in your home is storing food in their bedroom or any other home in the house and keep food that is in your kitchen sealed in containers or in the fridge. Clean out your cabinets and make sure there are no pieces or crumbs of food laying around in your cabinets either and wipe up any spills right away.

Take out your garbage and recycling frequently and ensure that all of your garbage and recycling containers are clean and sealed. For mice control, it also helps to sweep your floors, especially in your kitchen, every day so there is no food for them to find. Also, make sure to do a good vacuum of the home every week and get in those couch cushions to pick up any fallen chips or cookie crumbs. Mind your pet's food too and keep their kibble in closed containers the mice won't be able to chew through. If you eat in other areas of your home, make sure you clean up the area after you're finished. The key with mice control is to leave no trace of food because if they can smell it, they will follow their nose to the food and bring all of their friends too.

You can also incorporate certain scents that mice don't like too for mice prevention. Using peppermint oil is a great solution for mice prevention. Just place cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil around the house and especially in the kitchen where mice usually go. You can try using high-pitched ultrasonic sound machines for mice prevention. These plug into your wall and emit a high pitched sound that keeps mice away.

As for human mice control traps, buy traps that are endorsed by animal rights groups like PETA where you can find humane traps up on their website. There is one called the Smart Mouse Trap, which you can buy on Amazon for around $14. With this trap, you just put your choice of bait in the trap, and the door will close when the mouse is trying to grab the food. These traps can also be used over and over making them more affordable than other traps.

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