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There you are, sitting on the couch, watching your favorite show with a great snack and it happens. Something just jumps right off your plate onto the couch. Uggg, food stain! But I never really worry about that anymore. Since I learned about this cleaning method, cleaning my microfiber furniture has pretty much become part of the spring cleaning task. I have enjoyed my microfiber couch for about 12 years now and I also have bar stools with microfiber tops that have had more than their fair share of spills. Having microfiber furniture gives allows me to relax and know that it is not a problem when food and drink spill occur. Microfiber is an environmentally friendly product. It is also one of the more economical choices when buying furniture. When you have small children on the furniture, you can pretty much expect things are going to happen but rather than be stressed out about it or constantly reminding them to be careful, you can just let everyone enjoy themselves and when something happens it literally takes only moments to clean up the mess.

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Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% USP in a spray bottle

Distilled water in a spray bottle

Microfiber cleaning cloth, best to use white or a white colored sponge

Soft scrubbing brush

Young Living Lemon Oil - optional, but makes for nice aroma

Every stain I've even gotten on my microfiber chairs and couch have been easy to clean using Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% USP in a spray bottle, a soft scrubbing brush, some distilled water and a microfiber cleaning cloth.


1. Its an easy process, firstly if you have any worries about discoloring happening, take a cotton swab dip it in rubbing alcohol and apply to an area that is inconspicuous.

2. You can buy rubbing alcohol in a squirt bottle but if you cannot find it in the squirt bottle, then just purchase an inexpensive squirt bottle and transfer some rubbing alcohol into it.

3. Let the alcohol sit for a minute then scrub with your cleaning cloth and your soft scrub brush.

4. For stubborn stains you will need to apply more alcohol and keep scrubbing until the stain disappears. It make take a few tries.

5. Next step is to spray distilled water onto the area. Distilled water will remove any water soluble stains and working with the two products just gives you a better result.

6. You can also add a few drops to the bottle of Young Living Lemon Oil for a nice fresh aroma.

7. Leave the furniture to air dry.

8. If your furniture feels stiff after being cleaned you can take a soft bristle brush and just give the area a light brushing. That will loosen up the fibers making the texture feel normal again.


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Since microfibre furniture is a popular choice for many people, some cleaning tips are needed for those who choose this type of furniture and upholstery. When it comes to cleaning furniture, not all furniture should be cleaned the same. In fact, the way you clean one type of furniture may ruin another. So that's why it's always super important to figure out the best way to clean upholstery.

One way you can figure this out is by going right to your piece of furniture and checking for tags under the cushions or on the underside of the furniture. You may also be able to go to the website of the store where you bought the furniture or the brand of furniture and check for any cleaning instructions.

You can also be sure to ask the salesperson for cleaning tips and advice when you buy the furniture before you take it home. But, as always, a quick Google search will also bring you some great cleaning tips like this one that uses natural cleaners for cleaning furniture, specifically microfibre furniture. Microfiber is made of small synthetic fibres called polyester or polyamides. They are finer than silk, and the weaves can be much tighter which means that the fabric will hold less dust and allergens than other materials.

It also means that it won't stain as badly as different fabrics because the stain doesn't sink into the fabric right away. Getting to the stain right away is going to help, but also, using the brush to fluff up the fibres once you're finished cleaning the stain will also be crucial to making the fabric look great again. Most microfibre furniture does best when it's cleaned with rubbing alcohol, and this won't leave a stain as other cleaners will.

Even water used on microfibre furniture can leave a stain when the furniture has become over saturated. That's why rubbing alcohol is a great natural cleaner for microfibre because it quickly evaporates leaving no stain behind. Always be sure to do a test area on your furniture to see how the natural cleaners work with your specific piece of furniture first before cleaning the obvious areas.

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