Cherry Fluff Frozen Dessert

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Fluff recipes are an dessert recipe sensation. If you love frozen dessert recipes, this frozen cherry fluff will knock your socks off in the frozen fluff category. When it comes to fluff recipes, it was not a fan until we started making our own version of fluffs with Grandmother's Homemade Whipped Cream Recipe and also using organic marshmallows. In my books, ice cream recipes are really meant to savor slowly and in small quantities, so we like to serve this recipe after a large holiday meal, like Christmas. It is super festive holiday dessert recipe and is satisfying in smaller quantities which is perfect when you are super full from a yummy family meal.

Grandmother's Kitchen Tips for Cherry Fluff Frozen Dessert:

1. This dessert recipe has to freeze fully, so plan a day in advance when making this easy and delicious dessert.

2. If you are a chocolate dessert lover, you can drizzle a little chocolate sauce over this dessert once you have taken it out of the freezer, and they will taste more like cherry fluff frozen sandwiches.

3. Icebox dessert recipe lovers: a couple other of Grandmother's favorites are the Icebox Ambrosia Salad and this Frozen Orange Fluff Dessert Squares.

4. You can use Dandies in place of marshmallows if you like too as a natural vegan option with no gelatin. As the ingredients in this cherry fluff recipe sit in the freezer, the flavours blend into each other creating an incredible tasting treat.

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Makes: 16 Servings

The ingredients below are the exact same as the Cherry Fluff Recipe:

2 cups whipped cream

1 (540ml) can Cherry pie filling

1 (398 ml) can Dole crush pineapple, well drained

2 cups mini marshmallows, we used Dandies non GMO natural ingredients brand

1/2 cup chopped pecans (optional)


1. Follow the full directions for the Cherry Fluff Recipe.

2. Scoop the cherry fluff into the dish and smooth the top with a spatula. Cover with aluminum foil or some other covering.

3. Place into the freezer overnight.

4. Remove from the freezer. You will need to let it sit 5-10 minutes to soften up a little before you can cut right through it.

5. Lift the cherry fluff on the parchment paper onto a cutting board and slice into even size pieces. Don't make them too large.

6. If you are serving right away you can or if you are saving for a later date put a layer of parchment paper into a plastic freezing container that has a sealed lid.

7. Layer the cut pieces with parchment and freeze.


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Freezer dessert recipes like this one are great for any occasion. With a freezer dessert, you'll use the freezer to set the ingredients in the dessert recipe instead of baking it in the oven. Like most no bake treats that are set in the freezer or fridge, just be sure to allow yourself enough time for the ingredients to set in the freezer before you need to serve it.

This recipe has so many yummy ingredients in it from the cherry pie filling to the pineapple and the marshmallows, of course, the whipped cream is what pulls everything together to create a light and fluffy dessert. Which is why this dessert is called a fluff after all.

As you're taking bites of this treat, try and see if you can taste all of the different layers of flavour and each ingredient in it. Savour the flavours and allow yourself enjoy the treat completely. This treat is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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