Battling Bed Bugs With Vinegar

About this Recipe

When you're looking for bed bug removal tips, you may find a lot of advice pointing to using chemical products. So if you're like most people and want a more natural way, you're in the right place. There are actually some great all natural bed bug removal tips you can try out to get rid of all those bed bugs and eggs. If you already use natural cleaners, you probably have some white vinegar around. If not, it's really affordable and easy to find. You can buy a large bottle at the grocery store and sometimes even at the dollar store. It turns out white distilled vinegar is good for more than just cleaning your home; it's also great for bed bug removal.

Depending on the level of your bed bug infestation, you can maybe even get rid of your bed bug problem using all natural cleaners. The high acidity of vinegar kills bed bugs on contact because it disrupts their nervous system and dries them out. Just be forewarned that vinegar alone is not enough to get rid of a bed bug infestation. You also have to implement other bed bug removal techniques and make sure that you are removing items from your home that are completely infested with bed bugs. You also have to be very diligent with your bed bug removal plan and make sure that you're routinely checking for bed bugs and applying treatments regularly for at least nine months to a year since bed bugs and eggs can live up to nine months without food.

To make your homemade vinegar spray for bed bugs and eggs, all you need is vinegar and a spray bottle. Just fill the bottle up with plain natural vinegar and put the lid on tightly. Then spray the entire perimeter of the area you have a bed bug infestation with the vinegar making sure it's fully saturated. Also, spray into cracks and spaces in the walls and baseboards where they hide out.

The vinegar will kill them on contact and if you see a bed bug just spray it with vinegar to kill it on the spot. When the bed bugs are dead, take a paper towel or a tissue and squish them to make sure they are dead and throw them in a sealed plastic bag, or flush them down the toilet, or burn them in a safe fire. When you're using vinegar make sure to do a test area before you saturate any material in vinegar to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

For this to work as a stand-alone treatment for bed bug removal, you'll have to repeat the treatment at least once every five days or once per day for it to work. This natural treatment works as an accompaniment to other treatments or if you're just waiting for the exterminators to come and solve the issue. It may also work if you've just discovered a few bed bugs at the beginning of an infestation but also pair with other treatment options.

You can also use apple cider vinegar for this treatment option or rubbing alcohol although they will be a bit more expensive and you'll need a lot of it. If you have a really bad beg bug infestation that has gone too far, your only option to erradicate it may be to call the exterminators. So if you've tried a bunch of different treatment options and you're still finding plenty of bed bugs and eggs, call the professionals in to stop the infestation and treat it properly. You'll still have to do some work to keep up the treatment plan that they implement, but they can give you specific directions and get ahead of the issue.

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